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Did Harriet Give Enough Slave Reference?

Hey, I went to see Harriet the movie about a week ago and I really enjoyed it. However, I began watching some reviews about the film and I was very disappointed. Many of the reviews called the movie trash or very far from the truth. So this is my perception of the film, Harriet was outstanding! I felt that it was cast perfectly, directed great and had good historical reference.
I have a problem with us as a society expecting to continue in this same racial cycle. Especially Black people we want to move forward and want others to treat us different but we get mad when books, music or movies don't continue to show the demon that was slavery. I'm in no way trying to minimize slavery but how many movies do we need to watch about beatings, raping and lynching to know what our people went through.
Yes, I feel that Harriet had enough slave reference, the movie showed balance which is what we need. We are in a climate right now where there is so much racial tension that we need to stop trying to be a victim because we have overcome so much, yes we have a long way to go but victory is near.

30 Reasons I Love My Son, Gary

Hey, yesterday November 17 was my only son's 30th birthday. It was such an eye opening day for me, I just took the day to reflect on the last 30 years of our lives. Gary have been my saving grace, my first love and my first why. I hope I have been the mother that he deserved and the mother that he wouldn't exchange for anyone else. There are so many things that I love about this guy that I started to name them all in my head. There were so many that came to mind, I decided to create this post dedicated to him and the 30 things I love about him. The 30 reason I love you, son...

  1. You rescued me
  2. You gave me purpose
  3. You loved me
  4. You are kind
  5. You are polite
  6. You are generous
  7. You are so smart
  8. You are very respectful
  9. You are forgiving
  10. You can communicate
  11. You can cook
  12. You a great reader
  13. You love to learn
  14. You love a good debate
  15. You love your sisters
  16. You are a good listener
  17. You are understandable
  18. You are compassionate
  19. You discerns
  20. You are your own person
  21. You love God
  22. You are helpful
  23. You strive for more
  24. You are a dreamer
  25. You will succeed
  26. You are friendly
  27. You love sharing your knowledge
  28. You stand on your beliefs
  29. You know the world around you
  30. You are very handsome
I love you so much son, I pray that God allows you to see many more 30's

HourGlass Foundation Product Review

Hey, I was sent Hourglass products from Influencer for review, and was so excited. I was a bit nervous because it is so hard to match my skin tone because I am a dark girl, but love it! I received Vanish foundation in the color,
Walnut with a Vanish finishing brush, I loved it! The foundation went on really well, had great coverage and I love that the brush fits really nicely in the hand. I will certainly purchase some Hourglass Vanish products.

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My "Something" Blouse

Hey, my first picture is my road to recovery from Bell's Palsy, and as you see I am getting better, thank God. Okay, have you every just bought something that you loved, and before you realized it you've worn it several times. This blouse that I purchased from It Fashion Metro clearly is one of those "somethings". I just love the pattern of the blouse, the big ruffles of the blouse and the huge bow that you can tie on the blouse. What is it about your favorite "something" that you can't get enough of wearing or using? This blouse is my something for the moment, my confidence and comfort. Sometimes, we need "something" to give us a pick me up or an upgrade so I am really enjoying my something, enjoy yours:)

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Acme Oyster House New Orleans

I took a overnight trip to New Orleans, LA with my family over the weekend and we had a blast. We walked down Bourbon Street, and ate... and ate. It would not be a trip to New Orleans if we didn't go to Acme Oyster House.
This restaurant is awesome, every time I've went there it's always a line down the street with the wait not being no less than 30 minutes.
About Acme:
Over thirty years later, an Acme Oyster House can be found across the Gulf South. Hungry patrons flock to Acme from all corners of the world to eat, laugh and love with us over an authentic New Orleans seafood meal.

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The Fall of Wom·an

Genesis 3:6 So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that is was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate.
The Story
This is a perfect situation but something tempts her. She wanted more than what she had; to be Godlike-wiser and more in control than what she was. She eats the fruit, and then gives to her husband. Here is one of the fateful moments in the Bible and in the history of the world. The woman after listening to the serpent’s lies saw that the forbidden fruit was pleasing to the eye, this is a lesson, for women everything thing that looks good is not good for you, judging things by appearances only gets us in a lot of trouble. This is why we are wise to rely on God’s judgment, not our own. As the story goes, the woman blames the serpent but because of disobedience punishment comes. Women will bear children in great pain and will be dominated by men, paradise is lost. Ladies this is why we have to fight so hard for our respect, our independence, our honor, and our voice because we lost it. Let us begin on a new journey discovering the woman we were created to be…The woman of your dreams.

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