30 Reasons I Love My Son, Gary

Hey, yesterday November 17 was my only son's 30th birthday. It was such an eye opening day for me, I just took the day to reflect on the last 30 years of our lives. Gary have been my saving grace, my first love and my first why. I hope I have been the mother that he deserved and the mother that he wouldn't exchange for anyone else. There are so many things that I love about this guy that I started to name them all in my head. There were so many that came to mind, I decided to create this post dedicated to him and the 30 things I love about him. The 30 reason I love you, son...

  1. You rescued me
  2. You gave me purpose
  3. You loved me
  4. You are kind
  5. You are polite
  6. You are generous
  7. You are so smart
  8. You are very respectful
  9. You are forgiving
  10. You can communicate
  11. You can cook
  12. You a great reader
  13. You love to learn
  14. You love a good debate
  15. You love your sisters
  16. You are a good listener
  17. You are understandable
  18. You are compassionate
  19. You discerns
  20. You are your own person
  21. You love God
  22. You are helpful
  23. You strive for more
  24. You are a dreamer
  25. You will succeed
  26. You are friendly
  27. You love sharing your knowledge
  28. You stand on your beliefs
  29. You know the world around you
  30. You are very handsome
I love you so much son, I pray that God allows you to see many more 30's

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