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30 Reasons I Love My Son, Gary

Hey, yesterday November 17 was my only son's 30th birthday. It was such an eye opening day for me, I just took the day to reflect on the last 30 years of our lives. Gary have been my saving grace, my first love and my first why. I hope I have been the mother that he deserved and the mother that he wouldn't exchange for anyone else. There are so many things that I love about this guy that I started to name them all in my head. There were so many that came to mind, I decided to create this post dedicated to him and the 30 things I love about him. The 30 reason I love you, son...

You rescued meYou gave me purposeYou loved meYou are kindYou are politeYou are generousYou are so smartYou are very respectfulYou are forgivingYou can communicateYou can cookYou a great readerYou love to learnYou love a good debateYou love your sistersYou are a good listenerYou are understandableYou are compassionateYou discernsYou are your own personYou love GodYou are helpfulYou strive for moreYou are a…

Acme Oyster House New Orleans

I took a overnight trip to New Orleans, LA with my family over the weekend and we had a blast. We walked down Bourbon Street, and ate... and ate. It would not be a trip to New Orleans if we didn't go to Acme Oyster House.
This restaurant is awesome, every time I've went there it's always a line down the street with the wait not being no less than 30 minutes.
About Acme:
Over thirty years later, an Acme Oyster House can be found across the Gulf South. Hungry patrons flock to Acme from all corners of the world to eat, laugh and love with us over an authentic New Orleans seafood meal.

Our First Annual... Family Vacation To Smokey Mountains

My Painting "One Wing" Inspired By My Sister